Department of Biochemistry


Clinical Biochemistry Department profile

  • 24×7 laboratory services
  • State of the art infrastructure : High throughput analyzers – Best in industry
  • Qualified staff and technicians
  • Only laboratory to perform high end specialized investigations
  • Implementation & Monitoring of External and internal quality assurance programs
  • One of the largest biochemistry laboratory – area wise

List of equipments:

Sl.No Equipment Name Type
1. Remi Centrifuge Brushless centrifuge
2. Randoximola Fully automated chemistry analyzer
3. Toshiba Accute 40 FR Fully automated chemistry analyzer
4. Toshiba 120 FR Fully automated chemistry analyzer
5. Cobas e411 Fully automated immunoassay analyzer
6. Cobas e601 Fully automated immunoassay analyzer
7. Radiometer ABL 800, ABL 800 FLEX
8. Radiometer ABL 800 Basic and Flex Fully automated ABG analysers
9. Biorad D10 Hemoglobin Analyzer
10. Prolyte, Diamond diagnostics Electrolyte analyser
11. JK Biomed Electrolyte AnalyserDiestro 103A+ Fully automated electrolyte analyser
12. Mispa i2 Specific Protein analyser
13. Remi Deep Freezer -40

List of special tests:

Sl.No Test Name Sl.No Test Name
1. Hormones: Cortisol

Procalcitonin, ACTH, Thyroid profile,FT3, FT4,  iPTH, Insulin, c-peptide, Estradiol,

FSH, LH, Prolactin,

Testosterone, Growth Hormone,

8 Anti TPO,
2. Minerals: Zinc, Copper, Iron profile, Ionized Calcium; 9 Tumor markers: Ca 19-9,Ca-125 CEA, PSA, AFP, Beta hCG
3. Homocysteine 10 D dimer
4. G-PD enzyme assay   Ionized Calcium;
5. Vitamins: B12, D, Folic acid 11 Hb Electrophoresis
6. Complemet C3 and C4 12 Protein Electrrophoresis
7. Arterial blood gas analysis 13 Ammonia, Lactate
8. Cardiac markers: CKMB, Troponin T, BNP 14 Microalbumin creatinine ratio

List of Faculty- Department of Clinical Biochemistry: