Critical Care Medicine


We have the highest number of Critical Care Units at JSS Hospital. We have 16 intensive care units and a HDU (High Dependency Unit). We have specialized critical care units for respiratory, cardiac, renal, paediatric and neonatal care.

Our critical care units are equipped with specially trained, experienced, dedicated, skilled staff nurses and advanced equipment viz. high end ventilators and monitors, infusion pumps and syringe pumps. All the critical care units have a central monitoring system in the Nurses’ counter.

Team of expert doctors with advanced specializations and the intensivists available round the clock. Our critical care units are equipped to provide dialysis facility in the ICUs itself.

JSS Hospital has the largest Critical Care Facility of 16 Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and one High Dependency Unit (HDU). The 14 ICUs are situated in the third floor and the two -paediatric & Neonatal ICUs in the second floor.

We Have

  • Specialized ICUs for cardiac, respiratory, renal, paediatric and neonatal care
  • Advanced equipment viz. high end monitors and ventilators
  • Central monitoring system
  • Dialysis ports in the ICUs for critically ill, ventilated patients
  • Team of expert doctors with advanced specializations
  • Round the clock Intensivists available
  • Specially trained, experienced skilled staff nurses