MANY WAYS TO GIVE and bring cheer to the poor and needy

JSS Hospital, run under the aegis of JSS Medical Service Trust, offers several healthcare programs and facilities to the needy and poor either FREE or at subsidized cost. Here is a list of options available to donors to espouse the cause of JSS Medical Services Trust.

You can donate or contribute to JSS Hospital in cash, cheque, demand draft, payroll reduction and gifts of property. Cheques or DD should be drawn in the name of JSS Medical Service Trust, payable at Mysore.

Majority of the patients coming for treatment at the JSS hospital are poor, hailing from villages. The hospital has created a “Poor Patient’s Fund” to help the poor patients. Donations are collected from the staff of JSS hospital, allied institutions, general public and philanthropists. The fund is used to meet the treatment expenses of poor patients. This apart, the hospital also offers discounts/concessions in the total treatment charges to the deserving patients.

JSS Hospital has several specialities and super specialities and caters to a wide range of healthcare requirements. You can donate to a specific health programme or a department. You can also gift a specific equipment or material required by any department.

You can also make gift to JSS Medical Service Trust, in memory of your parents, any other family member or friend. This contribution can be made to the JSS Hospital Endowment Fund or any specific department in the form of some equipment.

JSS Hospital periodically conducts health camps in rural areas. These health camps usually offer treatments free or at subsidized cost. The objective of these health camps is to reach the unreached and create health awareness among the people. You may contribute to this cause by sponsoring (full or part) a health camp. Details of about health programmes organized by the hospital and cost involved can be obtained by corresponding with us.

A large majority of the people in our country does not have access to health care and cannot afford emergency and high-end healthcare services. Medical exigencies throw finances of several poor families out of gear. Our ‘Sponsor an Operation’ program is designed to help poor people in need of operation but do not have the backing of a health insurance. If you choose to enter into this program and indicate the amount you are willing to keep aside for ‘sponsor an operation’ program, you will be intimated during a medical emergency or need to ‘sponsor an operation’.

JSS hospital provides treatment to patients of general ward at subsidized cost. It welcomes people who wish to celebrate special occasions in their life such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. by sponsoring a day’s food for patients of general ward.

Donors are categorized and recognized based on the amount contributed by them. By regularly contributing, even smaller amounts, donors can move to higher categories.

  • Donor – 1,000 to 25,000
  • Distinguished Patron – 25,000 – 1,00,000
  • Distinguished Benefactor – 1,00,000 – 10,00,000
  • Distinguished Humanitarian – 10,00,000 and above
The names of donors will be posted and periodically updated in the hospital’s website..
Contributions to JSS Medical Services Trust are tax deductible and subject to limitations under the IT rules.
To contribute and get more details, write to