• Eco-friendly building with rain water harvesting and solar energy back up
  • In house RO generation unit
  • Central boiler system with solar energy back up
  • One of India’s biggest hospitals with 1,800 beds under one roof with high end facilities
  • One of the biggest Critical and Emergency care facilities with 260 beds
  • World renowned teaching faculty
  • Built on 12.5 acres of land with a built in space of 12.5 lakh sq ft
  • 37 specialties, super-specialties and supportive services
  • 55 different special clinics
  • Established Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology
  • 24×7 dialysis, drug center, hi-tech ambulance services, emergency, radiology, laboratory services, blood bank
  • Latest OT facilities with 24 major OTs with 3 modular OTs
  • 3 tesla MRI unit – First of its kind in the state
  • 128 slices CT scanner – First in the city
  • Flat panel cath lab
  • Electrophysiology lab
  • State-of- the-art blood bank; Regional blood transfusion center
  • Well equipped burns ward
  • Excellent physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities
  • Integrated counseling and testing center, Anti-retro viral therapy center, prevention of parent to child HIV transmission


Especially in hospitals, cleanliness can save lives. Every health care workers needs to understand this and also educate the visitors to the hospital with lot of concern and patience.

We the staff of JSS hospital take this pledge of keeping our hospital very clean meaning to say that we would like to keep the hospital germ free as far as possible.

This can be accomplished by following the international/national guidelines on Bio medical waste (BMW) management. This not only protects the patients but health care workers and patient attendants too.

We the staff of JSS hospital are committed to give safe and quality service to our patients as described by the founder of our hospital Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji as “PATIENTS ARE OUR RELATIVES& FAMILY” (Rogigale Namma Bandhugalu).

To keep the hospital safe and germ free, we also need the co-operation of patients and attendants.

We the staff of JSS hospital consider our hospital as a place of worship because we hear more prayers in the hospital for the good health of the patients than what we hear in temple/churches/mosques etc.


Month Yellow Bags in


Red Bags in


Blue /White Bags in Kgs /


January 2016 4614 851 6245
February 2016 4526 636 7128
March 2016 4483 434 6974
April 2016 4208 475 7172
May 2016 4281 247 6317
June 2016 3876 203 6119
July 2016 3906 93 5452
August 2016 3545 286 5263
September 2016 3709 299 5556
October 2016 2757 182 3926
November 2016 3455 194 5174
December 2016 3011 306 4926
Total 46371 4206 70252


Month Yellow Bags in


Red Bags in


White Bags in

Kgs / Month

Blue Bags in


January 2017 3635 307 4795 0
February 2017 4206 1121 4699 0
March 2017 3776 4180 1998 0
April 2017 4053 5102 1635 0
May 2017 4543 4917 2057 0
June 2017 3710 4360 3960 0
July 2017 3325 3595 2748 0
August 2017 4700 6410 2250 0
September 2017 4660 6300 780 938
October 2017 4035 4797 550 840
November 2017 3945 3930 635 610
December 2017 4120 4685 1075 770
Total 48708 49704 27182 3158

Remarks:Jan 2017 to Aug 2017 Sharp waste (White bag) added in Blue Waste. From September 2017 onwards we have Started 2016 New guidelines.

The medical laboratory of JSS Hospital is spread across an area of one lakh sq ft and is one of the largest such facilities in India. It offers a wide range of diagnostic services round the clock and reporting facility in Haematology, Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Cytology & Histopathology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Serology, Immunology and Immuno-histochemistry.

The laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the-art “Pneumatic Chute” – a proven vacuum based technology to convey medical samples to respective laboratory areas with least human intervention ensuring high sample integrity and driving efficiency in sample sourcing activity of the laboratory. The lab is among the very few in the country to be recognized and designated as a regional TB testing laboratory and is equipped with state-of-the-art walk-in incubator for the purpose. The laboratory performs around one lakh investigations per month. There are satellite stat labs to facilitate immediate or urgent tests to be performed during emergencies and for ICU.

Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion (IHBT)

Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion at JSS Hospital is committed to saving lives and improving patient care by providing a safe, affordable and adequate blood supply for the patients in the community we serve. We are committed to scientific and evidence based clinical practices in transfusion medicine with emphasis on further research and innovation.


A spacious blood donation complex with dedicated donor couches. 

A separate Apheresis Room with a fully automated cell separators is present. 

The department has a well equipped laboratory to ensure safe blood transfusion.

List of Laboratories:

  • Component separation lab – equipped with fully automated blood component separator, refrigerated centrifuge and sterile connecting device
  • TTI screening lab – equipped with fully automated ELISA instrument
  • Immunohematology – equipped with fully automated immunohematology analyser
  • Quality Control – quality control of reagents, blood components.
  • Pre-transfusion testing – gel card cross matching technology.

Services provided by the department

  • Routine service:
1 Blood bank/ blood center having  component facility
  • Whole blood  (I.P.)
  • Red blood cells (I.P.)
  • Random Donor platetes (RDP) (I.P.)
  • Single Donor Platelets (SDP) (I.P.)
  • Cryoprecipitated AHF (I.P.)
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma ( FFP) (I.P.)
  • Cryo Poor Plasma (CPP) (I.P.)
2 Blood bank / Blood center having component facility   and additional procedures
  1. Leukodepleted PRBC
  2. Exchange Transfusion Product preparation
  3. Therapeutic Venesection (therapeutic phlebotomy)
  4. Autologus blood donation [Pre operativeautologus donation (PAD)]
  5. Patient Blood Management
3 Immunohematology Laboratory (Special services)
  1. Blood Grouping
  2. Antibody screening and identification
  3. Adsorption Elution test
  4. Salivary group test
  5. Autoimmune Hemolytic anemia workup
  6. Antibody titration studies (IgG, IgM)
  7. Transfusion reaction work-up
  • Emergency Service :

Round the clock for supply of blood and blood components to patients.



Sl. No. Name of the equipment Make Model Functional Status
1 Auto PH-Meter Rolex 2012 Functional
2 Auto Reader (ELISA) SPAN AR-4011 Functional
3 Auto washer (ELISA) SPAN AW-4021 Functional
4 Autoclave Equitron C type Functional
5 Automated cell separator Fenwal  Amicus Functional
6 Automated component extractor Terumo penpol  TACE 11 Functional
7 Automated Elisa machine Tulip Functional
8 Blood bag sealer – bench top Terumo penpol XS 1000 Functional
9 Blood bag sealer – bench top Fenwal Optiseal Functional
10 Blood bag sealer – bench top Terumo penpol XS 1000 Functional
11 Blood bag sealer – bench top Terumo penpol XS 1000 Functional
12 Blood bag sealer – hand sealer Terumo penpol LM-100 Functional
13 Blood bag sealer – hand sealer Fenwal Hematron Functional
15 Blood bank refrigerator Terumo penpol BBR. A.I.300L Functional
16 Blood bank refrigerator Terumo penpol BBR. A.I.600L Functional
17 Blood bank refrigerator REMI BR 240 Functional
18 Blood collection monitor Terumo penpol D250 SR Functional
19 Blood collection monitor Terumo penpol D-601 Functional
20 Blood collection monitor Terumo penpol D-601 Functional
22 Blood collection monitor Terumo penpol D-601 Functional
23 Blood collection monitor Terumo penpol D-601 Functional
24 Blood collection monitor Terumo penpol D-601 Functional
25 Blood collection monitor Terumo penpol D-601 Functional
26 CARD Centrifuge Tulip CC-1200 Functional
27 Centrifuge REMI R-8C R-83 Functional
28 Centrifuge REMI R-8C R-83 Functional
29 Compo scale Terumo penpol CS-250 Functional
30 Compo scale Terumo penpol CS-250 Functional
31 Cryo-bath -4˚ c and 37˚c Terumo penpol CB-100 Functional
32 Freezer -20˚c REMI RQF-260 Functional
33 Freezer-40°c REMI RPF336 Functional
34 Freezer-70˚c REMI UDF165 Functional
35 Freezer-80˚c Terumo penpol DF80U Functional
36 Fridge Godrej Functional
37 Fridge Voltas Functional
38 Hot air oven KEMI K0S.2.F+D Functional
39 Incubator 37˚ KEMI AIS-2 Functional
40 Incubator 37˚ KEMI AIS-2 Functional
41 Laminar air flow horizontal Alpha Scientic Functional
42 Plasma Extractor Fenwal 2011 Functional
43 Plasma Extractor Terumo penpol E-250 Functional
44 Platelet  incubator cum agitator REMI  PI-10 Functional
45 Platelet  incubator cum agitator REMI  PI-10 Functional
46 Refrigerated Centrifuge REMI KBM-70 PLUS Functional
47 Refrigerated Centrifuge Hettich RotexaRs -50 Functional
48 Rotary shaker REMI RS-12 Functional
49 Water bath KEMI  KWE-100 Functional
50 Donor Couch 2 no Terumo Functional
51 Cell counter Transasia Sysmex- 3part XP 100 Functional
52 Fully automated system for all IH tests Daigast Qwalys 2 Functional
53 Immune Hematology system Ortho Clinical diagnostics Ortho workstation


54 Sterile connecting device Terumo penpol Functional
55 Double pan balance J. Mitra 3097 Functional
56 Computers – 7 HP Functional
57 Printer  – 4 HP Functional

The Department of Radiology at the hospital is equipped with some of the most advanced equipment in Mysuru, which includes 3 Telsa MRI and 128 Slice CT Scanning machines. It has latest, state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment, which provides enabling platform to perform elastography and 4D imaging with reconstruction capabilities.

The department is also equipped with high end digital radiography, fluoroscopy, high-end PACS and RIS system. This ensures image transfer and viewing facility and eliminates the need for film printing. State-of-the-art mammography facilities are available for a thorough breast imaging. Guided biopsies, both CT and Ultrasound, are conducted in the department. The department’s advanced C-arm ensures adequate support to the operating team in operation theatres. This facility is available 24 x 7 with specialist reporting facility.

JSS Hospital has high-tech ambulances, which are equipped with ICU, cardiac monitor, defibrillator, portable ventilator, infusion pump, syringe pump, scoop stretcher, suction apparatus, emergency kit, intubation set, drug and consumables, portable oxygen and compressed air. The ambulances are managed by personnel trained in advanced life support and advanced trauma life support.


The pharmacy at JSS Hospital is responsible for dispensing medications daily for an average of 1800 patients (Inpatients + Out patients put together). The department comprises of well qualified pharmacists as well as technical and support personnel who work together to assure that patients receive the right and highest quality of pharmaceutical care round the clock.

Key Features

  • Pharmacy Retail shops at hospital are conveniently located within the hospital premises in every floor of the Hospital. Our OP Pharmacy Retail is open 24X7, and we are the only pharmacy in the vicinity to provide round-the-clock service.
  • The pharmacy is well stacked with major and rare drugs as well as surgical disposables & materials. Our quality control process ensures that the drug is safe and effective. Since we store most of the drugs necessary for treatment, the patients and their relatives have easy accessibility to the required drugs all the time.
  • We procure medicines from a wide range of vendors: This helps us stock a variety of medicines with minimal stock-outs.
  • We provide bedside medicine delivery services for patients admitted in private wards & for patients admitted in critical care ICUs .
  • We maintain proper storage condition as mentioned on manufactures packing.

Please note: Medicines are dispensed only on presenting doctors valid prescription.

Contact: 91-0821-2335070.

The emergency department of the hospital has 30 beds and 2 state-of-the-art ambulances equipped with all modern life saving gadgetry to handle all types of emergencies. The emergency room is manned by ACLS and ATLS certified nurses and specialist emergency medicine doctors. There is a stat lab to perform all emergency investigations, along with a mobile X-Ray and a portable ultrasound equipment for emergency imaging.

JSS Hospital is among the very few healthcare facilities to have state-of-the-art operation theatres within the emergency complex to cater to all emergency procedures. The hospital offers 24×7 services from a specialist trauma team to provide specialty emergency services. These services are finely complemented by the hospital’s 24×7 blood bank and catheterization labs.

The CSSD at JSS Hospital is responsible for dispensing sterile supply items daily for an average of 1800 patients (Inpatients + Out patients put together). The department comprises of well-trained technician as well as staff nurse and practical nurse and support personnel who work together to assure that patients receive the right and highest quality of sterilization care round the clock.

The CSSD centralizes the sterile processing activities in which reusable medical devices, surgical instruments and equipment are processed and issued for diagnostic and surgical patient care procedures using professional expertise while maintaining consistently high standards of quality and efficiency.

The Department’s goal is to ensure optimal decontamination of all instruments and equipment received in CSSD and to re-process, sterilize and replenish all departments of the hospital with sterile goods as needed as per hospital policy by following standardized procedures and sterilization parameters.

Key features

Decontamination, packing, sterilization of reusable medical devices, surgical instruments and equipments and their distribution for use in clinical areas within the hospital.

Sterilization is done by the following methods

  1. Moist heat sterilization (Autoclave)
  2. Ethylene oxide sterilization
  3. Plasma sterilization
  • Preparation and sterilization of dressing materials like pads, gauze, cotton swabs etc.
  • Operation of sterile storage.
  • Sterilization of linen.
  • Documentation and Maintenance of records.

JSS Hospital, is equipped with 24 state-of-the-art major operation theatres and 3 stainless steel antistatic modular OTs. The theatre complex is manned round the clock by nurses and technicians and is geared to attend emergencies round the clock.

The operation theatres have HEPA filters with diffusers to ensure a high standard of cleanliness. Most theatres have networking to support video relays, which enables student training, enhances patient safety and reduces OT traffic and length of stay. The theatres have a combined capacity to cater to over 3,000 procedures every month. Of the 3 modular OTs, 2 are dedicated for cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries. All theatres ensure round the clock availability of trained surgeons to meet all kinds of emergencies.

The JSS Hospital is the only facility in Mysuru to have a 30 bedded dialysis unit, which is supported by state-of-the-art machines and a dedicated RO unit. The facility has a segregated positive dialysis area, which is a novel measure to ensure high standards of patient safety and minimize cross infections thereby increasing the longevity of life. This is a 24×7 facility and caters to emergency dialysis and critical area dialysis.

The unit provides chronic renal replacement therapy, slow low efficiency dialysis and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. The unit also provides the required support, guidance and counseling for renal transplant aspirants.

Having set up two state-of-the-art catheterization labs, which offer 24×7 support by trained technicians and qualified interventional cardiologists, the hospital aims to provide cost effective and advanced cardiac care facilities to the people. It also provides an enabling platform to introduce many other interventional procedures to cater to cardiac, neurological and vascular emergencies. The laboratory is supported by a well trained team of cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons.

The laundry at JSS Hospital is responsible for providing clean and adequate quantity of washed linen to the 1800 bedded hospital. The main objective of the laundry department is to provide clean upholstery to the wards and other areas of the hospital; to ensure that hygienic standards are maintained to meet the hospital needs.

It is always advisable to have the in-house laundry in the large hospital; because it helps to get the linen on time; it is possible to get some particular linen in advance in case of some unseen circumstance. This in turn benefits the hospital in the following aspects.

  • Uniform standard operating protocol.
  • Effective utilization of human and material resources.
  • Eliminates duplication of work and equipment.
  • Efficiency through good supervision of washing standards, machine maintenance and timely delivery.
  • Maintains consistently high standard laundry techniques and practices; which in turns improve the quality of linen throughout the health care facility.
1 Washing machine 92 kg 02
2 Washing machine 150 kg 01
3 Washing machine 50 kg 01
4 Hydro extractor 46 kg 01
5 Hydro extractor 50 kg 02
6 Tumble dryer (Electrical) 50 kg 01
7 Tumble dryer (Electrical) 25 kg 01
8 Dryer (Electrical) 8 kg 01
9 Flat work ironer (Electrical) 3000x400mm 01
10 Weighing Machine 150kg 01

JSS Hospital established an Artificial Limb Centre in its campus in the year 1990, with a view to provide aids/appliances to the differently abled persons at minimum cost. Since inception, this centre has been effectively addressing the issue of social, economical and vocational rehabilitation of the disabled persons by providing necessary aids and appliances.

JSS Hospital is recognized under the scheme of Assistance to Disabled Persons for Purchase/Fitting of Aids/Appliances (ADIP Scheme) sponsored by Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Till date, more than 10,000 disabled persons have been benefitted by our Artificial Limb Centre.