Department of Microbiology


Specialized Tests:

  1. Antinuclear antibody test by Immuno fluorescence (ANA)
  2. Anti DNA
  3. CANCA
  4. PANCA

There are highly sensitive tests and the different patterns in ANA that helps in diagnosis of specific connective tissue disorder *(Viral load)

  1. Fungal culture and Sensitivity
  2. Anaerobic culture and Sensitivity
  3. MB- Bact culture for TB
  4. HIV, HBV, HCV tests done by CLIA
  5. All Hepatitis markers tested

Molecular Tests:

  1. Sepsis panel
  2. Tropical fever core panel
  3. Viral meningitis
  4. Neonatal sepsis
  5. Respiratory pathogens 33
  6. MTB/NTM detection
  7. MTB MDR
  8. MTB XDR
  9. STD panel
  10. HPV HR detection (14 genotypes)
  11. Flu – subtyping
  12. Gastro intestinal panel virus
  13. Gastro intestinal panel parasite
  14. Gastro intestinal panel bacteria
  15. Fevers rash panel
  16. PUO- panel
  17. Malarial parasite panel
  18. Aspergillus Spp
  19. BacteriodesSpp
  20. Meningoencephalitis panel
  21. Gas PCR (group A streptococcus
  22. Bordetella panel
  23. Respiratory infection HAP panel
  24. Respiratory infection CAP panel
  25. Eye infection panel
  26. Dermatophytes panel
  27. Pan- fungal PCR
  28. Infections of the immuno suppressed (EBV, CMV, BKV)
  29. HBV DNA quantitative (Viral load)
  30. HBV DNA qualitative
  31. HCV RNA quantitative(Viral load)
  32. HCV RNA qualitative
  33. HIV 1 RNA quantitative(Viral load)
  34. HIV 1 RNA qualitative
  35. BKV DNA quantitative (Viral load)
  36. CMV quantitative (Viral load)
  37. CMV qualitative
  38. MTB – PCR

Additional Details:

Sl.No Teaching Staff Designation
1 Dr. Sumana M N Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Madhuri Kulkarni Professor
3 Dr. Tejashree  A Professor
4 Dr. Rashmi P Mahale Associate Professor
5 Dr. Sowmya G S Associate Professor
6 Dr. Raghavendra Rao M Associate Professor
7 Dr. Ranjitha S Gowda Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Vidyavathi B Chitharagi Assistant Professor
  1. Eight staff qualified in medical microbiology with clinical background report all the tests.
  2. Culture report is always correlated with clinical picture that helps in identification of the real pathogen and not the commensal/colonizer.
  3. Sensitivity testing done by automated Vitek – 2 system which gives minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) along with clinical breakpoints. This helps in choosing the right antibiotic reaching the site of infection in the right dosage.
  4. Antibiotic Consultancy: consultancy facility by clinical microbiologist is also available in choosing the right antibiotic in the right dosage.
  5. Consultancy on cost effective infection control practices also available for other hospitals/Clinics.
  6. Innovative method of Bio-Medical Waste disposal facility created and the designed equipment can be purchased from us.
  7. NABL accredited integrated counselling and testing facility for HIV is available, which is also a state reference laboratory for HIV testing.
  8. HIV viral load testing facility (by RTPCR)

State of art central sterile supply department (CSSD) created to prevent any hospital acquired infections at JSS Hospital. Latest sterilization method like plasma sterilization is used.