The Department of Nephrology at JSS Hospital has a history of more than two decades. It was initially started as a small offshoot of medicine and became an independent department in February 1991.  At that time, JSS was the only centre offering nephrology services to the entire Mysuru city and the surrounding towns and villages. The department is headed by Prof Manjunath S Shetty.

He has been trained under Dr. M K Mani, one of India’s distinguished nephrologists. The department has been handling both adult and pediatric cases since inception. The department has the distinction of having carried out the first renal transplant in Karnataka, outside Bengaluru.


JSS Dialysis Unit was started in Feb 1991 with peritoneal dialysis being the main modality of dialysis. It was offered to both adult and pediatric patients. Hemodialysis was started in September 1991 with one hemodialysis machine (Drake Willock) to start with. New Machines were added over the years and a full-fledged dialysis unit with 10 dialysis machines was inaugurated in 2003 by Smt. Sudha Narayan Murthy.

The department has been offering CRRT and SLED to acute kidney injury patients who are hemodyanmically unstable. There is a separate room for dialysing Hepatitis C patients. Plasmapherisis and pediatric peritoneal dialysis are also being done. The department has a good continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis program.

The dialysis center at JSS hospital provides comprehensive dialysis services at affordable rates to needy patients. There is an in-house RO water plant, which provides water for the dialysis centre. Our microbiology lab conducts regular water tests to ensure that the water is bacteria free. The center has 20 dialysis units and caters to about 100 patients every day.

At JSS Hospital, dialysis is done at a low cost compared to any other hospital in the city. There is also a VIP dialysis center which caters to those who prefer privacy and comfort during the procedure. The VIP dialysis area is well equipped with 10 VIP beds and home comfort is provided to the patients by our well trained, nurses and attentive and experienced dialysis technicians. Dialysis is done both on OPD and inpatient basis. It is one of the popular dialysis center in and around Mysuru, known for service, excellence and quality care.


Sl. No Name Qualification Designation
01 Dr. Manjunath Shetty MD, DNB(Nephrology) Prof and HOD
02 Dr. Abi Abraham MD, DM Professor
03 Dr. Chetan C S MD, DNB Asst. Prof.
04 Dr. Kiran KK MD, DNB Asst. Prof.
05 Dr. Rajashekar Chakravarthy MD, DNB Visiting Prof.