The department of Orthopaedic Surgery was started in the year 1985 at the JSS Hospital as one of the specialty departments. The undergraduate courses were started in the year 1985 under Mysore University. The courses are now offered under JSS Deemed University. The annual intake of students is 150 for undergraduate courses.

The postgraduate course for Orthopaedic Surgery was started in the year 1990. Six students for master’s degree and six students for postgraduate diploma are admitted every year. Selection is based on merit as per JSS University entrance exam. The department also offers PhD courses, under JSS University, both as part time (4 years) and full time (3 years) courses.

Operation Theater

The department has a state-of the art orthopaedic operation theatre for super specialty surgeries and general orthopaedic operations and is equipped with all instruments & implants for round the clock emergency and trauma surgeries. The department is supported by an intensive care unit & surgical ICU with ventilators for the critically ill patients

Equipment at Operation Theatre

  • General orthopaedic instruments
  • Dynamic compression hip screw set
  • External fixator sets ­ Aesculap
  • Spinal surgery set
  • Instrumentation for internal fixation of all Bones
  • Instrumentation and prosthosis for hemiarthoplasty of hip
  • Arthroscope with facilities for diagnostics and surgical procedure (Karl Storz) for ACL and meniseal surgeries.
  • Harrington instrumentation set
  • A.O. instrumentation set for both 3.5 mm and 4.5 mm Sourer
  • Watson Jones fracture table
  • Intramedullary Interlocking Nail set
  • C ‘Arm’ image intensifier – Seimeni
  • Joshi’s external stabilisation system for hand and Correction of CTEV
  • Total hip instrumentation set and implants
  • Cannulated screw instruments
  • Instruments for locking plate fixation
  • G.K. Interlocking nails (Howmedica) for Tibia & Fibula
  • Basic Iuzarov instrumentation for Tibia & Fibula

Equipment at O.P.D. and Wards

  • Thomas splint – 20
  • Bohler braun splint – 10
  • Cervical traction apparatus – 10
  • Pelvic traction belts – 10
  • Portable X-ray machine – 2
  • Traction weights – 5 sets
  • Water Beds – 3
  • Plaster of Paris removal equipment
  • Slide projector – 1
  • Overhead projector – 2


Sl. No. Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. R. Ravishankar MBBS, MS Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Rupa Kumar C.S. MBBS, D’Ortho, MS Professor
3 Dr. H.B.Gadiyar MBBS, MS Professor
4 Dr. Mruthyunjaya MBBS, D’Ortho, DNB, MS Professor
5 Dr. Purushotham Shastry MBBS, DNB Professor
6 Dr. K.N. Mahesh MBBS, MS Associate Professor
7 Dr. Yathiraju T. MBBS, DNB, MS Associate Professor
8 Dr. Sreenivas Deep Urs MBBS, D’Ortho, DNB Associate Professor
9 Dr. Shashi Kumar Y. MBBS, D’Ortho, DNB Associate Professor
10 Dr. H.G.Ravikiran MBBS, MS Associate Professor
11 Dr. Manjunath B. H. MBBS, MS, Fellow Arthroplasty, Fellow Arthroscopy Assistant Professor
12 Dr. Girish Kumar G. V. MBBS, D’Ortho, DNB Assistant Professor
13 Dr. Sujana Theja MBBS, MS Sr. Resident
14 Dr. Gurumurthy MBBS, MS Sr. Resident
15 Dr. Adarsh T. MBBS, MS Sr. Resident
16 Dr. Prakash M. MBBS, MS Sr. Resident
17 Dr. Naveen N. MBBS, D’Ortho Sr. Resident
18 Dr. Sheshagiri V. MBBS, D’Ortho, DNB Sr. Resident