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About The Department

JSS Hospital is committed to saving lives and improving patient care by providing a safe, affordable and adequate blood supply for the patients and families in the community we serve. We are committed to scientific and evidence based clinical practices in transfusion medicine with emphasis on further research and innovation.

List of Laboratories:-

  • Component separation lab – equipped with fully automated blood component separator, refrigerated centrifuge, and sterile connecting device.
  • TTI screening lab – equipped with fully automated ELISA instrument.
  • Immunohematology – equipped with fully automated immunohaematology analyzer.
  • Quality Control – quality control of reagents, blood components.
  • Pre-transfusion testing – gel card cross matching technology.


  • A spacious blood donation complex with dedicated donor couches.
  • A separate Apheresis Room with fully automated cell separator.
  • Department has well equipped laboratory to ensure safe blood transfusion.

Services Offered

  • Blood component collection, processing and storage
  • Platelet collection by Apheresis
  • Clinical transfusion practice
  • Hemovigilance : Our blood bank is registered for Hemovigilance program of India (HvPI) and actively participating in reporting the adverse transfusion reactions.


Sl. No. Name of the equipment
1 Auto PH-Meter
2 Auto Reader (ELISA)
3 Auto washer (ELISA)
4 Autoclave
5 Automated cell separator
6 Automated component extractor
7 Automated Elisa machine
8 Blood bag sealer – bench top
9 Blood bag sealer – hand sealer
10 Blood bank refrigerator
11 Blood collection monitor
12 CARD Centrifuge
13 Centrifuge
14 Compo scale
15 Cryo-bath -4˚ c and 37˚c
16 Freezer -20˚c
17 Freezer-40°c
18 Freezer-70˚c
19 Freezer-80˚c
20 Fridge
21 Hot air oven
22 Incubator 37˚
23 Laminar air flow horizontal
24 Plasma Extractor
25 Platelet  incubator cum agitator
26 Refrigerated Centrifuge
27 Rotary shaker
28 Water bath
29 Donor Couch 2 no
30 Cell counter
31 Fully automated system for all IH tests
32 Immune Hematology system
33 Sterile connecting device
34 Double pan balance