About The Department

The emergency department of the JSS hospital has 30 beds and 4 state-of-the-art BLS and ACLS ambulances equipped with all modern life saving gadgetry to handle all types of emergencies. They are managed by trained emergency medicine technicians who provide needed emergency care and support at the scene and also during transit.

The emergency room is manned by BLS and ACLS certified nurses and specialist emergency medicine doctors, around the clock. There is a stat lab within the department to perform all emergency investigations, along with a mobile X-Ray and portable ultrasound equipment for emergency imaging.

JSS Hospital is among the very few healthcare facilities to have state-of-the-art operation theatres within the emergency complex to cater to all emergency procedures. The hospital offers 24×7 services from a specialist trauma team to provide specialty emergency services. These services are finely complemented by the hospital’s 24×7 blood bank, Intensive care units and catheterization labs.

The DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE is located in the west wing of JSS Hospital.

The main door to emergency services is on the ground floor and is open 24/7. The department provides full-time services to more than 30,000 patients a year and the number of ED visits have been increasing since the inception of the department

JSS hospital is home to one of the top-most emergency medicine post graduate and emergency medicine technician courses in Karnataka. The faculty, senior, and junior residents are well trained in advanced ED management, basic and advanced cardiac, and trauma life support skills. We receive diverse patient populations like poly-trauma, acute coronary syndromes, stroke, sepsis, pneumonia, and dengue and so on.

We have a dedicated triage area where every patient is allocated priority according to the nature of the emergency. The Red zone is the main resuscitation area which is fully equipped with adult and pediatric crash carts, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and mechanical ventilators. There is also a dedicated body wash area for handling HAZMT events and poisoning patients. A dedicated flu screening and flu emergency room has been set up in the first floor of the emergency department to tackle the pandemic situation and to ensure appropriate emergency treatment for the COVID 19 patients.

The department is also equipped with advanced instruments for difficult airway management like video-laryngoscope and fibre-optic laryngoscope. Additional beds in the emergency ward and a well-equipped, extensive set of intensive care units in the hospital provide continued care for the patients requiring admission. We aim to provide a team of specialists who are competent and confident in treating the entire spectrum of emergency conditions. Our mission remains: To save lives through timely patient-centred emergency care driven by educational innovation and practice-changing research.

Consultation Timings

24X7 hours services will be given (including Sundays and holidays)