About The Department

The Department of Psychiatry in JSS Hospital is a General Hospital Psychiatry Departments and it offers private consultations in safe and confidential settings like the Special Clinic and also general OPD services. It is a full-fledged Post Graduate training Department. There are senior faculty and junior residents. The Postgraduate program was started in 2005 a team of Senior Residents do a thorough examination of any patient who comes to the Department. The hospital has many super speciality Departments like Cardiology Rheumatology & Neurology which helps identifying and treating Medical conditions causing Psychiatric symptoms. There are teaching rounds and regular teaching programs for Post graduates and Undergraduate students in the Department.

Diagnosis and treatment of all patients is by International and National recommended Guidelines. There is debate and discussion regarding any treatment plan by staff and students in patients not responding adequately. The Department still uses well-established treatment like Electro Convulsive Therapy and newer treatments like Ketamine.

The Department of Psychiatry has the support of Department of Psychology which has qualified Clinical Psychologists who take active part in the treatment with Psychological assessments and Psychotherapy for patients.

Psychiatric Social Work is another important area that is tackled through faculty available in the Department who conduct home visits apart from socio- occupational reintegration of patients.