About The Department

Respiratory Medicine is a medical specialty which deals with the diseases related to breathing i.e. the respiratory system (Lungs, Pleura, Trachea, Bronchus). The department offers services for respiratory infections (bacterial, viral and fungal infections of lungs and respiratory system like bronchitis, pneumonia, lung abscess, empyema thoracis, tuberculosis (TB)). The non-infectious respiratory disorders like Allergies, bronchial asthma, COPD, sleep disordered breathing; obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA),Interstitial Lung disease (ILD) and lung cancer are also managed.

The Department of Pulmonology was established in the year 2005 and it provides services for early detection, diagnosis, management and prevention of pulmonary diseases. The department has well qualified medical professionals with clinical expertise in the field of pulmonary medicine. Department also has a fully equipped state of the art Respiratory Intensive Care Unit that has the facilities to render specialized care.

The Department has Specialty Clinics like Lung cancer and bronchoscopy clinic led by Dr. Jayaraj. B. S., expert in pulmonary medicine and the first person from Karnataka to have DM (Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine) qualification from prestigious institute PGIMER, Chandigarh. The Asthma and Allergy Clinic is led by the specialist in the field Dr. Mahesh. P. A., who is internationally recognized for his expertise in Asthma and Allergy with more than 25 years of experience. The COPD and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic, is led by Dr.Chaya. S. K. with 20 years of experience and, in association with Dr.Renukadevi, Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapist from the Department of Physiotherapy.

The Department has Sleep Lab with Level 1 Polysomnography (High End Sleep Study Equipment with EEG channels)where monitored sleep study is done. This test is to detect the sleep related breathing disorders like obstructive sleep apnoea, central and mixed sleep apnoea, obesity hypoventilation syndromes which are not easily detectable with routine evaluation.

In OPD, the Pulmonary Function Test Lab (PFT) is the first and the only centre in Mysore to do DLCO (diffusion studies of the lungs). The PFT Lab also performs spirometry, peak expiratory flow tests, Forced vital capacity test, and Maximal Voluntary Ventilation tests. The Allergy Skin test (Skin prick test), autologous serum test, Tuberculin Skin Test (TST)/Mantoux test are also done in the OPD.

The department has diagnostic bronchoscopy unit with video and flexible bronchoscope equipment. Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), endobronchial biopsy and laryngoscopy are done routinely. The Respiratory ICU is having 9 beds with monitors, Invasive and Non Invasive Ventilators (NIV, BiPAP, and CPAP) and other respiratory care equipment. The general wards of the department has 30 beds and the facilities for oxygen therapy and NIV (BiPAP, CPAP)

Department offers pulmonary rehabilitation through coordination with Department of Physiotherapy. Multidisciplinary evaluation and six minute walk test (6MWT) is done for the patients and the mode, frequency of therapy is planned. The counselling is done by the Clinical Psychologist to improve their health. The patients with chronic respiratory diseases like COPD, bronchiectasis, Post TB Sequelae, Pulmonary Fibrosis, ILD, Post COVID19 Fibrosis get benefited. Department also provides Smoking Cessation in coordination with departments of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology.

The DOTS Centre under the National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP),provides the services for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis according to the National Programme. The programme provides free sputum investigations and medications to the patients with tuberculosis.

The academics of the department include Ph.D. programme, PG programme MD Respiratory Medicine, and UG programme BSc. Respiratory Care Technology. These programmes are conducted under JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research (JSSAHER) - Deemed to be University.

Along with the patient care and academics, the department is also highly active in research. The thrust areas of research are the common respiratory problems like Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia, TB, ILD and Lung cancer. Department also has collaborations with leading National and International institutions and universities for conducting high quality research. Department is a part of Special Interest Group for research in Environment and Respiratory Health.

Department has collaborations with National and International institutes and involved in multi-centric and international research projects.

Some of the Major Research Projects are:

  • BOLD (Burden of Obstructive Lung Diseases) Study II – Study on Obstructive Lung Diseases - Imperial College, London, UK
  • NIH - GID Research – For Training in Research activities focusing on Communicable and Non Communicable Disease and interaction. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and University of California - Berkeley, USA
  • Wellcome DBT Research Project - In collaboration with AIIMS (New Delhi), IIT Bombay and St. John’s Medical College (Bengaluru)
  • Swedish Heart Lung Foundation Project - in collaboration with KarolinskaInstitutet, Sweden