Colposcopy an invaluable method for detecting cancerous and precancerous lesion early

Cervical cancer is one of the major public health problem in India. India accounts for 15.2% of the total cervical cancer deaths in the world.Colposcopy is a screening and diagnosticprocedure to examine an illuminated, 40 times magnified view of the cervix as well as the vagina and vulva. The main goal of colposcopy is to prevent cervical cancer by detecting and treating precancerous lesions early. Screening for cervical cancer (either by Pap test and/or human papillomavirus testing) is an important part of staying healthy and avoiding cervical cancer. If the results of the screening test are abnormal, further testing is needed to confirm the result and determine the severity of the abnormality for which coploscopy is advised.A colposcopy is used to find abnormal lesion more accuratelyand thus helps in taking biopsy from that specific site for more accurate diagnosis. Treatment may be given in the same siting when indicated. Accurate diagnosis may also avoid the need for unnecessary hysterectomy.A colposcopy also looks for other health conditions, such as genital warts or polyps. Colposcopy is thus an invaluable method for detecting cancerous and precancerous lesion very early in the disease,saving many lives.