Facilities / Service Offered


  • 1. Management of all types of fever
  • 2. Management of Metabolic and endocrine disease-Diabetis Melletus, Hypothyroidism & other Metabolic disorders
  • 3. Management of Hypertension
  • 4. Management of Infectious disease
  • 5. Management of Respiratory disease


  • Comprehensive Management of multi-morbidity disorders
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Empathetic care

Critical Care

Department manages CCU, MICU, ICCU & also Emergency Department

Special Clinics

  • 6 days of specialty clinics
  • ART Centre
  • Master Health Check-up


  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Central line insertion
  • Pleural Aspiration, USG Guided Pleural Tap, Ascitic tap, Lumbar puncture
  • Liver biopsy

Extension Activities

  • Doctors are deputed to Urban Health Centers, Chamarajanagar & Suttur JSS Hospitals, NIE
  • Department Newsletter (CAPSULE)
  • Department faculties are sought for various TV & Radio patient education programmes.
  • Regular health awareness camps
  • World Diabetic Day
  • World Elders Day
  • World HIV Day
  • Annual PG Conference


JSS Hospital, Medicine Department has taken initiative to start Geriatrics Clinic from 2014 considering the gravity of Geriatric population. At present 10 – 12% of Indian population is of Geriatric people. It is expected to increase to 30 – 40% by 2050. Keeping in mind our management has taken special interest in opening a Geriatric wing. Geriatric people are special population who needs comprehensive care.

In view of this Geriatric OPD will be run 3 days a week between 9.00 am – 4.00 pm (Monday, Wednesday & Friday). They will be assessing comprehensively with the team of specialist consisting of 1. Physicians, 2. Orthopedition, 3. ENT Surgeon, 4. Ophthalmologist, 5. Nutritionist, 6. Physiotherapist and 8. Pharmacist. This wing is headed by Dr.Prathiba Pareira, Professor of Medicine along with Dr.Shilpa Avarebeel, Assistant Professor, with the support of ancillary departments.

Shortly department will come up with day care center and home services for Geriatric population.


After 5.00 pm till the next day 9.00 am Geriatric patient will be attended by duty Physician during emergencies.