Student Profile

12 students are enrolled in Postgraduate program every year. There are 9 master’s degree (MD) seats and 3 diplomas in child health (DCH) seats in the Pediatric department. The undergraduate students are posted for a period of two and a half months in Paediatrics during their course of study. This includes an introduction posting of one month during VI semester and one month during VIII semester.

Clinical examinations are conducted at the end of each posting for internal assessment. Theory classes are conducted during VI, VII, VIII and IX semesters. Seminars are presented by the students under faculty guidance in the VIII and IX semesters. Clinical tutorials are also conducted during IX semester. Theory examinations are conducted at the end of VIII and IX semesters for internal assessment. In addition to the teaching curriculum, students are actively encouraged to present projects for the ICMR Short Term Research Studentship.

The postgraduate teaching program (MD and DCH) consists of case discussions (neonatal and pediatrics), seminars, journal club meetings in addition to bedside teaching. Guest Lectures for Post-graduates and Protocol discussions are carried out periodically. Well, baby, high-risk clinics, lactation management clinics, child guidance clinics are held regularly.

Postgraduates are actively involved in community pediatrics through health camps and school health programs. They are encouraged to attend conferences and present and publish papers. They are continuously assessed by presentations in the seminars, journal clubs, case discussions, punctuality, sincerity, and commitment in caring for patients and also by conducting an internal assessment both clinical and theory, twice in a year.

Interns are posted for a period of one month during which they become familiar with common procedures and emergency management. Seminars are presented by them under faculty guidance. Success rate: the pass percentage in the last five years is 95% in undergraduate exams and 75% in the post-graduate exam.