Physiotherapy is a field which provides information about human body mechanics in normal & an abnormal state of health. Physiotherapists evaluate and treat numerous physical conditions affecting all age groups and help in restoring function, improving mobility, relieving pain and preventing or limiting permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or diseases. The field of Physiotherapy comprises various hands on techniques which include soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization skills to reduce pain, increase joint motion and flexibility. Therapeutic exercises help to restore strength, movement, balance & coordination, and complete functional recovery; it helps to improve the quality of life. A physiotherapist reviews the conditions and monitors the progress to aid recovery.

JSS department of Physiotherapy provides assessment and appropriate physiotherapy management for all clients attending OPD and inpatient wards with prompt, ethical, and evidence based care.

Dedicated to

  • Helping people to regain and achieve their complete potential following injury, pain, surgery, or physical inability.
  • Providing physiotherapy service that is based on high standards of care and practice which are evidence based.
  • Providing a comprehensive range of specialized service that is accessible and aligned with the patients’ goals.
  • Provide optimal quality care under physiotherapy speciality areas like musculo skeletal and sports, pediatrics, neurology, cardio-pulmonary, community physiotherapy and women’s health (OBG).

Physiotherapy department is supported by the faculty from JSS College of Physiotherapy and consist of over 24 physiotherapists, including specialist and teaching faculty.