Research activities

 The academics for post graduates is one of the best in the state with extensive teaching programs (seminars, symposiums, journal clubs) interactive sessions(weekly case presentations and film reading sessions), thesis reviews, weekly and monthly assessments. There are monthly inter-departmental meetings with couple being Radiology - Pathology meet and Radiology – Medical Gastroenterology meet. The department also nurtures the Bachelor of Science (BSc) students of Medical Imaging Technology (MIT). Apart from these, the department also carries out various researches and projects in the field of clinical imaging.

 Department is involved in Artificial Intelligence related activities, including product development, validation and implementation in collaboration with various industry partners.

Key Features:

  •  Highly trained and skilled faculties and post graduates available.
  •  All the imaging services and emergency services are provided round the clock.
  •  All the speciality clinics functions between 9am – 4pm.
  •  Emergency services provided 24 X 7.
  •  All the imaging equipments are under single roof.
  •  Concise and well structured academics for post graduates.
  •  Abundant research opportunities.