Research Activities


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Principal investigator Guidance Completion Date
1 Guy stone score feasibility  & practicality Dr.Vishruth K Raj Dr.K.M.Madappa Dec 2017
2 Role of Warm Ischaemia time in relation

with Graft Survival

Dr.Preetham Dev Dr.K.M.Madappa Dec 2017
3 Emphysematous Pyelonephritis

and its Management

Dr.Preetham Dev Dr.Girisha T D Dec 2017
4 Long term follow up

after urethroplasty

Dr. Preetham Dev Dr.K.M.Madappa Dec 2017
5 ole of tadalafil in patients with LUTS

– Urodynamic correlation

Dr. Akshay Batta Dr.K.M.Madappa Dec 2017