AB ultrasound scanner (Biomedix echovue, India (Japan collaboration)

This is a new generation ultrasound that works on the principle of action of high frequency sound waves converted into electrical signals with high quality built in imaging system software, convenient and portable incorporating smart tools that increase reproducibility. Special features are dynamic recording and video capturing dual mode of scanning for the purpose of accurate intraocular lens power calculation in cataract operations and to diagnose early, the retinal causes for blindness in childhood and adults for intraocular tumours and retinal detachments.

The most advantage is that retina is visualised effectively in the presence of corneal scars and opacities, dense cataracts and lid problems where retinal visualization is not possible with HD imaging and dynamic recordings. It provides excellent patients care with superb imaging needs, of its innovative design providing consistence performance. Real time snapshots and video capture files are available for assessing the patients for the progression and treatment effectively. It helps to annotate patients’ images with clinical findings and communicator readily.