About The Department

The Department of Dermatology at JSS Hospital aims to serve the people of Mysore and the neighbouring districts by offering state-of-the-art facilities for treating diseases related to skin. It offers both primary and tertiary care. The department also aims to excel in areas of teaching and research.

The department is committed to gain and disseminate new knowledge about normal and diseased skin. It caters to outpatients and inpatients and offers skincare services in a caring, compassionate and sensitive manner.

The faculty and clinical associates of the department have expertise in all subspecialties within dermatology, which include: dermatologic surgery, phototherapy, laser and cosmetic surgery, paediatric dermatology, acne, psoriasis, eczematous disorders, infectious diseases of the skin, Leprosy & STD including HIV Patients.


Skin diseases from acne to zoster (A-Z) are treated in our department. Around 40,000 patients avail the services of our department every year as outpatients. The department offers scientifically proven cosmetic treatments in an academic environment. We have a well- equipped minor OT and laser clinic. Available procedures include chemical peels, cautery, RFC, cryotherapy, mole removal. Our department has latest phototherapy machines (DAAVLIN, USA) i.e., whole body phototherapy unit, hand foot unit and Targeted phototherapy unit to treat conditions like psoriasis and vitiligo.

We have latest laser machines for acne scars, tattoos, unwanted hair removal and removal of skin tumours. All types of unwanted tattoos are being removed by Q-switched Nd-YAG Laser. Fractional CO2 laser is being used for different types of scars including posttraumatic, post-burn, acne scars etc. Diode laser is being effectively used for removal of unwanted facial and body hair.

Resistant cases of vitiligo are being managed with various surgical techniques like punch grafting, suction blister grafting and the latest epidermal cell suspension and hair follicle suspension techniques. With these, we are able to achieve satisfactory repigmentation. These advanced procedures are being done at an affordable cost for the patients.

Common baldness is being treated at our department with Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP). Hair transplantation is also being performed for severe cases of baldness in our department.

Different types of nail surgeries for ingrown toe nails and nail dystrophies are being performed regularly. Acne scars are common complications of acne. We, at the department are doing various types of acne scar revision and surgeries like subcision, dermaroller, chemical peels, lasers and PRP.

Pigmentation disorders like melasma, tanning and post acne pigmentation are effectively treated with various types of chemical peels. We also perform Patch test to detect allergens causing skin-allergy.