Research Activities

Ongoing projects :-

Name of faculty Topic
Dr. Rekha T.S Prevalence and gene typing of Beta Thalassemia Trait among tribal school children of Mysuru district –Funded by ICMR
Dr. Jayashree. K Assessment of malignant Head and Neck tumors by CT/ MRI and correlation with EGFR expression for prognosis – funded by JSS University
Dr. Sheela Devi Isolation of colon cancer stem cells and efficacy of Pipernigrum – funded by DST -VGST
Dr. Nandini Stardization of DNA extraction from achieved tissue slides for down streaming of molecular diagnosis – self funded
Dr.Pallavi.P Mitochondrial DNA copy number and its association with cardiac complications in beta-Thalassemia major

Collaboration Projects :-

Name of the Collaborator and Institution National / International Topic
Dept.of Biotechnology,
Sahyadri College, Shimoga, Kuvempu Uiversity
National “ Validation of metastatic markers in head and neck cancers for development of target specific drugs”
PHRI, Prerana trust, Mysuru National “ Cervical Screening – comparison of visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) with conventional PAP smear screening in rural women of Mysuru district ”
Department of Biotechnology,
Mysuru University
National “ Impact of Yoga on cervical cancers and breast cancer patients and survivors ”
Dr. Muralidhar Hegde,
Associate professor of Cornell University,
Weill Medical College, Houston, Texas
International “ Level of TDP-43 and genome mutation load in selected tumor tissue array by IHC ”