Facilities / Service Offered


The OPD is well supported by a well-equipped Audiology and speech pathology unit, a minor OT, rigid nasal endoscopes, Otoendoscope, flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy, video stroboscope.


  • Male & Female General ward for inpatients
  • Two Operation theatres dedicated to ENT Procedures – equipped with highly advanced instruments, which help to provide the most updated services in the field to the patients for a reasonable cost.
  • We are also equipped with a high tech Post Operation ward and SICU to take care of post-operative and sick patients.

Procedure followed

Minor procedures such as dressing, suturing, antral lavage, I&D, biopsy, ear-lobe repair, keloid excisions, foreign body removal and biopsy etc are done in the minor OT which is attached to the OPD. We also have rigid nasal endoscopes, Otoendoscope, flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy, video stroboscope which are used for OPD Patients.

Special / Evening / Daycare Clinics

Various specialty clinics like Headache clinic, Vertigo clinic, Head and Neck cancer clinic, Speech clinic, Swallowing clinic and Sleep clinics are conducted.

Critical Care

Emergency Management of epistaxis(nasal bleeding), sudden sensorineural hearing loss, giddiness, stridor, emergency tracheostomy

Extension Activities

Community-oriented camps are also done on a regular basis in various rural areas.